Recorded this on my iphone yesterday, surprised at how well the audio sounds. 

Wrote this song a couple of weeks ago based on the the photo of an otter attacking a gator. 

Enjoy this rough demo.


Playing Equinox at Front Room in Athens, OH (Ohio University)

March 28th, 2014


Why Hello

It certainly has been awhile.

Started writing some new tunes recently which has been nice. I bought a couple notebooks to jot down songs to spark some ideas. And its been working. In the past I’d usually write songs while at the computer and just type up lyrics as I go.

It’s not as simple nowadays to do that.

About a month ago, I went to Athens to visit my old college with some friends for my birthday. Nicole had planned a series of events. First a few friends surprised me while we were in town, which was really awesome.

Then I wanted to go see Bruce play and maybe jump up and play a couple songs. Bruce runs the open stage that I played at all the time. Well apparently she had been sneaking around and been messaging Bruce and had me signed up to play anyway! I was surprised. Considering that day I wasn’t really up for playing. Ha!

Anywho, it was awesome. And now I really want to get back up on stage again.



First Review

Hey here’s the first review of Silhouette.

Kevin Meyer songs feature intimate vocals perfectly cradled by spare instrumentation, all of which has Meyer inviting favorable comparison to Sufjan Stevens. Look no further than Kickstarter-named album-opener, “Silhouette.” Its acoustic guitar and xylophone support the lush vocals, “look away my darlings / I don’t want you to catch / their poison” — the lyrical “poison” beautifully rendered on repeat. 

Meyer classifies his Zephuros project as nature folk, but it is one that works best outside the animal kingdom. I don’t agree with The Shins that caring is necessarily creepy, but microscopic looks at the animal kingdom can be a bit off-putting. Even Joanna Newsom’s 9.5-minute “Monkey and Bear” was less description-based, and might not have worked without Newsom’s bouncy harp and bizarre/beloved Bjork-like vocal. 

It is Zephuros’ album-closer, “North Star,” that is the exemplar of nature folk, and is closer akin to Laura Veirs than Newsom. The track is proof that, with the right subject matter, Meyer is a poet of considerable skill: “tall black waves rip / and toss our broken ship / swirling clouds cover our heads / like a blanket from the bed / on the ocean way out far / we rely on the north star.” Perhaps Zephuros’ interests are idiosyncratic, but Kevin Meyer’s musical performance is all natural beauty

thanks to Bryan Cahpin over at Chicago Indie Music live


Zephuros @ Reggies Music Joint // Jan 27

Gig on Sunday.

$5, 21+




There you have it ladies and gents. The third album from Zephuros will be called “Silhouette” and thats the artwork above! huzzah!

This design actually happened last minute, I planned on going in a different direction but something about the previous design just felt incomplete. I’m still fine tuning the inside of the CD (which will be a 4-panel digipack) / I still have to check spellings of people’s names and what not. But I should be sending this to get duplicated and send the poster to be printed and buy all the packaging materials that I need to ship this stuff.

I still have to come up with something for the t-shirt. So hopefully I can come up with something soon get those made as well. Tentatively looking to mail everything out mid-late January.

I also have a gig booked on Sun, Jan 27 at Reggies w/ Needles in the Red & Chris Pickering. I don’t plan on having a CD release show (at least at this time) so maybe this will serve as a pseudo release show. And I’ll make the music available on bandcamp that day.

I’ll update again with photos of everything and the “box set.” Crazy to think that this coming to an end. Almost as crazy as how long it took. haha.



Album teaser!

This song was named by one of the pledgers it’s called Equinox.

The votes are still coming in for the album title and it’s kind of interesting how one sided it is. And it’s not the one I thought would be winning. So that was really cool.

Check your emails if you pledged and haven’t yet voted / provided more information. Still waiting on about 13 or so people. 

But enjoy the teaser and here’s another teaser (artwork for the current leading title) of course its all blurred. I put the title of the song over this so it works as the artwork for the Equinox Teaser. Make sense? haha




Big update guys.

I have given the word to Nate to move onto mastering this here album that has taken almost two years to complete. (Mainly because I had to write some songs and find time to self record and everything)

Nate has added a lot of cool instrumentation and I think the songs themselves sound really good. And I hope you all like it when I finally post them all.

I sent out the kickstarter information to the pledgers to get the stuff I need and more importantly for them to vote on the song title. (If you pledged, you should have an email)

I narrowed it down to: Meteors, Hooves, Silhouette & Pinch.

So we’ll see what it turns out to be. Then I can start on creating the artwork and all of that, which will be exciting.

Still no idea on the release date and a potential release date show. Definitely would like to have it out before the end of the year. But i dont know how long it will take to get the physical cd when i send in everything. 

Anyway, here are a couple shots from the show a few weeks ago, taken by my pal Corey DiNardo.




Playin a show at The Horseshoe. Reuniting with Justin Phillip Lamoureux. Played with him when I toured in Omaha. He’s awesome.

Line up:
9:00 - Glad Fanny (
9:40 - Zephuros
10:20 - Justin Phillip Lamoureux (
11:00 - Xoe Wise (
11:40 - Hunger Mountain

FREE | 4115 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL, 60618

Toying around again, with different fonts / placement. This white bar would extend to the back and the tracklist would be on there.
i like this a little better. /shrug

Toying around again, with different fonts / placement. This white bar would extend to the back and the tracklist would be on there.

i like this a little better. /shrug